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Aromatherapy Massage is luxuriously relaxing. It lifts tension and relieves stress that in turn stimulates our self-healing ability and enables us to rejuvenate and feel refreshed. Our sense of well-being improves and Aromatherapy can assist in our approach to positive health.

Your first appointment will begin with a consultation regarding your current general health, vitality and well being, as well as your medical history. I will then blend a selection of essential oils appropriate to your specific individual needs. The oil is then applied through massage of the type required (deep or light etc).

It is recommended that a bath milk, shower gel or body oil/lotion (made with the same blend of essential oils) is used at home between treatments. This will by association, ensure that the benefits of calm and relaxation enjoyed during the massage will continue.
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Hot Stones used in conjunction with aromatherapy is an experience not to be missed. Hot Stone Massage involves the application of heated volcanic basalt stones to key points on the body to give a deep massage, creating a sensation of comfort and warmth. The direct heat penetrates and relaxes the muscles and allows manipulation of a greater intensity than with basic massage alone.


Vodder Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD), is designed to improve the function of the lymphatic system and increases the amount of excess fluid and metabolic waste products being removed from the tissues via the lymph vessels. The fluid or lymph passes through a series of nodes and is cleaned of dead cells, waste products, bacteria etc.

MLD stimulates the contraction of the lymph vessels through light rhythmical movements (which are deeply relaxing). A healthy lymphatic system plays an important part in our body's immune responses. MLD clears the skin, alleviates fluid congestion in PMS and tired puffy eyes, helps with appearance and texture of scars. For further information on MLD go to

  Daoyin Tao® is a new meridian energy therapy which blends traditional Chinese massage skills with Western massage techniques. Daoyin Tao® incorporates the shoulders, neck, face and head. It is a powerfully relaxing treatment that has vast healing potential. Daoyin Tao® uses acupressure points and is particularly beneficial in helping sinus congestion, headaches, constipation, stress and anxiety. Treatments are carried out lying on a couch and last for half an hour. Daoyin Tao® can be combined with other treatments such as back or full body massages.

Indian Head Massage originated in India and was handed down for centuries from Mother to Daughter as a beauty therapy that conditioned the hair and stimulated the circulation in back, shoulders, neck, scalp and face. It is a wonderfully relaxing treatment that helps to unknot the tension stored in the shoulders and is especially comforting to anyone who works over a desk or computer.

Heavenly Back Treatment Enjoy an hour of sheer bliss with this deep cleansing back treatment. Starting with skin brushing, exfoliation and a foamy back scrub (all removed with damp warm mittens), followed by a luxurious back massage (a soothing pink mud mask is applied to the back whilst your legs are being massaged) and finishing with a silky soft moisturiser.


Essential Oils are deliciously fragrant plant extracts distilled from blossom, fruit and herbage. If you enjoy the visual and aromatic pleasure of wild and garden plants, you will adore Aromatherapy. Each essential oil has distinct therapeutic properties, that has been shown, through research, to possess stimulant, anti infectious, anti inflammatory and relaxant properties. Their ability to have a calming or uplifting psychological effect is linked directly to their wonderfully aromatic fragrance.

The oils I use are of the highest quality. They are used in the treatments and can also be used at home in baths, body oils and lotions, facial night oils, burners and vaporizers.